Publications and select conference presentations

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  1. Albert MV, Deeny S, McCarthy C, Valentin J, Jayaraman J (2014) 
    Monitoring Daily Function in Persons with Transfoemoral Amputations Using a Commercial Activity Monitor: A Feasibility Study 
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 6 (12), 1120-1127 [link]
  2. Allen W Heinemann, Sara Jerousek... Mark V. Albert (2014) Systems and methods for a rehabilitation dashboard. Patent application #14/468,051. Publication date 8/25/2014.
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  5. Albert MV, Catz N, Thier P, and Kording KP (2012) 
    Saccadic gain adaptation is predicted by the statistics of natural fluctuations in oculomotor function 
    Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience. 6:96. doi: 10.3389/fncom.2012.00096 [link][pdf]
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    Using mobile phones for activity recognition in Parkinson's patients 
    Frontiers in Neurology 3:158. doi: 10.3389/fneur.2012.00158 [link]
  7. Karvelas K, Murtaugh B, Albert MV, Marciniak C, and Toledo S (2012) 
    Does a supervised program in phyiscal therapy and/or occupational therapy improve pain scores in patients with parkinson disease 
    AAPM&R conference 2012, Atlanta, GA [poster pdf]
  8. Albert MV, Kording KP, Herrmann M, Jayaraman A (2011) 
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  9. Albert MV, Kording KP (2011) 
    Determining posture from physiological tremor 
    Experimental Brain Research. 215 (3), 247-255 [pdf]
  10. Albert MV, Miikkulainen R, Field DJ (2011) 
    Using the statistics of binocular images to model spontaneous activity in the developing visual system 
    Society for Neuroscience 2011, oral presentation [abstract]
  11. Santiago D. Toledo MD, Mark V. Albert PhD, Konrad Kording, Christina M. Marciniak MD, Priya V. Mhatre MD, Laura Pickering, Stacy M. Stibb DO, Iris Vilares (2011) 
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    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 2011, Volume 3, Issue 10, Supplement 1, Pg S264 (Poster Presentation) [abstract]
  12. Fernandes HL*, Albert MV*, Kording KP (2011) (* contributed equally) 
    Measuring generalization of visuomotor perturbations in wrist movements using mobile phones 
    PLoS ONE 6(5): e20290. [link] [PDF]
  13. Albert MV, Kording K (2011) 
    Automated activity recognition and identification using mobile phone accelerometry 
    Neural Control of Movement 2011 [abstract]
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    Recording and analyzing movements using mobile phones 
    NU Parkinson's research day 2011 [pdf]
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    Oculomotor adaptation matches natural changes in the body over time 
    Society for Neuroscience Conference 2010, oral presentation [pdf]
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